Take Their Word for It

I feel So much better today Dr. Wang!
I can’t believe you came in to the office just for me yesterday. I’m so grateful for you, thank you so much again.
Have a great weekend!


MAY, 2024

❤️I can’t THANK YOU enough for the attention and treatment you gave me today. I’m looking forward to having more treatments and finally getting better.


OCT, 2023

Good afternoon, Dr. Wang,

Thank you so much for everything you did for me. May God bless you and your wonderful hands. You are amazing. I am very happy to write the following review. Warmest regards, Martha

In the Spring of 2022, after one of my insurance plan doctors recommended an acupuncture treatment for ear, head, and neck inflammation, I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Meirong Wang. I was highly impressed by her professional knowledge and skills. In just a few visits, the parts of my body affected by this condition reacted favorably to her acupuncture treatment and began to feel normal. Six months later, I made a new appointment with Dr. Wang for another condition. I  received a vaccine that caused several side effects, among them, stomach ache, nausea, digestive system irritation, and lower back pain.  In no time, she identified and treated the source of my symptoms, and stimulated my body to heal itself. Dr. Wang treated me with cupping, needles, and massage. The tissues in my digestive system, previously tight and sore, were relaxed and functional. After receiving three treatments, I was symptom-free. I have already made plans with her for periodic “body maintenance” treatments. In addition to being highly skilled, Dr. Wang has a very pleasant personality. She makes the patient feel totally at ease. I feel privileged to be her patient, and highly recommend her services. She is the best of the best!


Sep, 2022

Hi Dr Wang,
I just wanted to tell you my back feels like 80% better after only one treatment!!!
You are truly a healer!


JUL, 2022

I started seeing Dr. Wang in 2019 after I heard acupuncture could be beneficial for fertility problems.

I never anticipated that it would be beneficial in so many other areas of my life.

I looked forward to each and every session as it allowed me time to relax and take a pause from my busy routine.

Her kind and gentle disposition also aided in my being able to relax. She really cared about helping my husband and I achieve our ultimate goal of becoming parents.

I’m happy to say that not only were her treatments helpful with my everyday life, but they were also a key component in where I find myself now….pregnant with twins!  

Many thanks to Dr. Wang!


APR, 2022

Thank you, Dr Wang:
Baby boy was born 9/2 just before midnight. He stayed head down! Thank you for your treatment, just two visits, to turn him from breech.


SEP, 2021

Thank you so much Dr. Wang.
I am feeling much better thank you.

I went to bed at 930pm last night and I didn’t wake up until 1100am!

I really feel much lighter and open, like my muscles are much easier to move around!
Thank you so much, it was wonderful meeting you, I really appreciate the care you took with me.

I am looking forward to our next appointment! 


JUL, 2021

Dr. Wang has treated me for six years and we do not know what we would do without her!

Her technique is quite unique as are her skilled hands, truly healing.

Once she treats you, you’ll keep coming back for sure. For sure. 👍💜


FEB, 2021

Dear Dr. Wang,
I would like to first express my deepest gratitude for your caring and healing abilities. You have not only helped me but have also helped improve the quality of life of many of my loved ones. Health is our wealth and you’re a master at the art of healing and I sincerely mean that.
I started seeing you after I had tried many types of health approaches. Anything from western medicine, which includes MD, DO, prescription medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic work, etc. I then tried more alternative/holistic medicine, such Ayurveda, herbalism, yoga, mindful diets (veganism, vegetarianism, pescatarian) intermittent fasting, cryotherapy, contrast showers, juicing, etc.

Some of the aforementioned approaches worked to some degree and some didn’t at all. Nothing has been as sustainable and as impactful as your acupuncture and healing practice as a whole. I definitely saw other acupuncturists before coming to you and your practice is by far the best I’ve experienced. Your ability to listen to an individual and get the whole picture little by little and heal at root levels is impeccable. That approach is of a true healer because it shows you really want your patient to improve to the point that they are healthy to go about their day without any medication and or supplement. Your ability to read the body at such detail is beyond words. I remember finding myself amazed every time you would tell me what I was feeling before I even shared my concerns. That level of intuition and capacity to understand the many layers and functions of the physical and emotional body as one is usually missed by my most health professionals nowadays.

I fractured my back about 2 years ago, experienced a concussion and lost consciousness (one could say a near death experience). Long story short, this impacted my nervous system, caused a lot of chronic stress, depression, anxiety, thyroid issues, insomnia/ other sleep issues, gut issues, neurological issues, skin/hair issues, etc. I essentially fractured the root of my spine In 3 spots. You understood that in order to let the body heal, facilitating the flow of energy throughout the body’s channels was both fundamental and critical. The way you go about this is breathtaking, it didn’t take long before I started to feel better. Slowly my energy started to improve and my hope for living and loving life again became my reality. I have never felt this alive in my life, not even prior to the accident when I thought I was healthy. I am certain your healing hands, mind and heart have played a pivotal role in the overall well-being that I enjoy today.

I cannot thank you enough, but what I can do is let the world know of how truly life changing your acupuncture practice has been for me, family members, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. Whenever someone asks me about seeking a health professional better yet a healer, I recommend them to your practice. Later on after seeing you they bring up your name to me and we both smile. This exchange of smiles is confirmation of the way your healing soul has touched our lives and continues to do so day after day.
Sending love and light your way!
Kind regards,
James Mullin

James Mullin

Sep, 2020

I have been a patient of Meirong Wang for a year now, and words truly cannot do justice to the health benefits I have experienced since becoming a patient of hers.
For most of my adult life ( I am a woman in her mid forties) I have suffered with severe debilitating migraines which were growing in severity and duration requiring my doctor to increase the dose and strength of my medications. If I wasn’t experiencing a migraine, I often felt like I had some kind of headache/sinus pain every other day for as long as I could remember. I suffered in darkness as this took over my emotional health, physical health, and work life affecting me in countless ways.
If you’re like me, I had heard about acupuncture long before taking the leap of faith early last year – I had even researched various sites exploring the benefits of acupuncture, even considered several other specialists reading lots and lots of profiles and reviews but for some reason I kept putting it off. Until that is, some good friends of mine – who are Chinese, told me they could watch me suffer no more and urged me to consider trying acupuncture and/or acupressure as I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just once, try it just once please!
Last January (2019) I woke up one morning with a severe headache which I knew was going to transition into a migraine and I cried. and I mean cried out loud in sheer frustration. That’s it – no more I screamed. This is no way to go on living. I am having to take another day off work and take medicine that only makes me sleep. I picked up my iPhone and started searching for local acupuncture clinicians in my area. I stumbled upon many profiles but something about Meirong’s profile resonated with me and I am so thankful it did. I called her that very same hour and by chance she had a cancelation that day. I walked into her office and 120 mis later, I walked out with no migraine or headache. I had taken no medication. I couldn’t believe it. It must be a fluke I told myself but sure enough, I went again and again when experiencing bad headaches and those hands and needles worked their healing powers. Soon the migraines stopped, then the headaches became less frequent, and now I am migraine free.
From the first time I walked into her office, I was met with the warmest most sincere professional I have met in a medical office. I have been a patient of Meirongs for a year now and I cannot imagine going one month without her care. Each and every time I visit, she takes the utmost care and attention in caring for you as a whole – mind, body and spirit. My consultation time with her is like I am her only client, giving me her undivided attention and expertise in helping me feel and stay well.
For those of you who are skeptical, for the record I have been migraine free for over 10 months now and I totally owe that to the care of Meirong and receiving a tailored course of treatments specifically scheduled for me and my condition at her office. I get the occasional headache but I no longer treat them with medications. I call Meirong. You should too. You won’t regret it.

Vikki T

woodbridge, VA
Feb, 2020

I express my gratitude to you for everything in special for my treatment with acupuncture….
I hope you know how much I appreciate you.
Thank you so much for being so kind and thoughtful and happy….thank you for all of your hard work and helping me with shoulder pain , back pain and headache . Every day I am feeling better and better!!!
Thank you so much for just being you …..with my all appreciation 


JAN, 2020

It took me 36 years to try acupuncture, and Dr. Wang has made me a believer! With over three decades of experience, Dr. Wang is a calm, attentive, confident professional. She speaks English very well, and really listens to you and explains everything clearly when discussing your treatment plan. Her bedside manner is very nurturing and friendly, and she has a spacious, yet cozy office. Whether you’re curious about acupuncture and want to give it a try for the first time, or if you’re just looking for a different kind of practitioner/experience from the ones you’ve had before, get in touch with Dr. Wang! She is a true gem.


DEC, 2019

I am a busy Mom of two boys, 11 and 7. My 11 year old has Autism. Dr. Wang is very knowledgeable about the body and how to implement various acupuncture techniques to assist the body in healing and reducing pain. I always leave my sessions feeling relaxed, in less pain and energized. Weekly acupuncture has been a vital piece of my self-care over the past two years and has significantly helped me to reduce stress, pain and stay healthy for my family.  I honestly do not know what I would do without her.

Dr. Wang also treats my son with Autism. My son has built up his tolerance and now able to receive acupuncture treatments for over 10 minutes. He looks forward to his weekly sessions and we have seen improvements in his health and communication skills. We are so grateful for the support Dr. Wang is providing to our son.

Last year, My husband had a fall and hurt his lower back. After a few weeks—he was still in pain, so he decided to make an appointment with Dr. Wang. After one cupping and acupuncture session his pain was completely gone!

Thank you Dr. Wang for improving the quality of our lives and keeping our family healthy and strong!


DEC, 2019

I am feeling pretty good. This is the first time I felt completely asleep during the acupuncture treatment. I was surprised when you came into the room as it felt like only a few minutes had gone by! Also, I loved the little energy treat. I felt good all morning until it was time for lunch. Thank you again for providing such good care


AUG, 2018

Your acupuncture work has been successful at helping me manage my pain after surgery from a ruptured quadricep injury. This injury has been present for years and only recently, after your work, have I started to notice some relief. Thank you.


AUG, 2018

(After four sessions to help correct a breech delivery …) Guess what…he was able to flip today! I believe your work helped him get ready and it was relatively simple and painless.
Thanks so much for your help


AUG, 2018

I met Dr. Wang after suffering a debilitating health crisis.
At the beginning of each session, Dr. Wang listens attentively to my symptoms and concerns while she formulates an individualized treatment plan. I appreciate the way she explains what she is going to do, why she is doing it, and that she answers all my questions.
Although Dr. Wang addresses multiple issues at each session, the areas of improvement I currently appreciate the most is how acupuncture relaxes my body and has caused a marked decrease in pain and discomfort due to muscle spasms. The acupuncture treatments are also improving digestive concerns. Dr. Wang is a positive and encouraging health care provider who has a very gentle technique.
I consider Dr. Wang’s acupuncture sessions an essential part of my journey to restored health.

Cindy D

MAY, 2017


Oct, 2016